A program that aims to encompass the restoration of the women’s dignity, redefining their life purpose and instilling a drive for success, empowering women to take full control of their lives whilst bringing out the beautiful, strong and compassionate goddess. The program is designed to transform a woman’s body, mind and soul, uprooting past traumas and pain that cause self-sabotaging and/or self-limiting habits that hinder the vision and success of the participants. This is done through guided shadow work (re-visiting the past to identify psychological and emotional wounds, opening up about them in the presence of a counsellor/social worker).

-To raise awareness of the woman’s body, eating habits and environment.
-To help her discover and fuel up the passion for her path.
-To build up her strength through exercise and physical training.
-To teach her to accept herself, being honest with where she is while surrounding herself with positive, supportive and loving people.
-To boost her confidence, encourage fearlessness and truthfulness
-To teach the basics on attaining joy and fulfilment through meditation, forgiveness and letting go of past traumatic events.
-To teach self-respect through rebuilding her reality, teaching her to know and demand her worth and dignity.
-To encourage love and compassion as a virtue for a strong, happy and independent woman.


A program that aims to train caregivers, teen mothers and vulnerable women on the importance of building a child’s foundation on the elements of nature and simple fundamentals of life with great focus on love, kindness, happiness and gratitude. Our program is aimed to enhance the child’s ability to be competitive in love and kindness in the world.

-To train mothers to be knowledgeable and transformative care givers
-To improve and build life skills around the home and in the children’s lives
-To enrich the child’s education background, providing a wholesome and strong foundation through our activities
-To enable the mothers to earn a living by working in the centres while their children attend a beautiful school.